The Garden of Eden was the Garden of God. An idyllic location. The home of Adam and Eve. The dwelling place of rivers, The dwelling place of rivers, flowers orchards, animals, birds, angels and above all human love. It had no thorns or weeds, a place where plants grew easily and animals lived in peace; a place of the immortals where sickness and death were unknown. It was a realm of the blessed. To provide our customers with a modern day ‘ Garden of Eden ‘ experience, we have launched the Garden of Eden -1 in the growth corridor of Hyderabad our maiden gated layout having premium residential and  commercial plots.

Our Venture

goe map layout

Why DTCP Approved Layouts

  • 100% Clear Title and Approved By DTCP
  • DTCP Approved  TLP no. 122/2013/H.
  • Bank Loan Available.
  • Layout in Growth Corridor Near Hyderabad.
  • Gated Community for Security of every plot.
  • Good Customer service.
  • All amenities as per regulations.
  • Ensures Clear Title and Ownership of The complete Layout.
  • Ensures conversion of Land from Agriculture to Non-Agriculture.
  • Ensures the Layout is perfect for Residential purpose (Free from Industrial, Archeological, Endowment, Defence, Mining zones etc.)
  • No Regularization(LRS) Required, Unlike in  Panchayat Layout.
  • Defines the Dimensions of complete Layout and makes sure The Land is usedin proportion of 60% (Plots)40% (Public Purpose: Roads, Gardens, Playgrounds etc.).
  • Grants Permission for the Layouts as per the Future Land Usage and Town & Country Planning.
  • Gives Approval for Layouts in Co-ordination with all Local bodies MDO,MRO, RDO, District Survey Dept. etc